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9th Sep, 1999.

Last updated
8th March, 2000.

Simple Minds - Lightning


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Simple Minds Lightning Unofficial Web Site
Dedicated to Simple Minds Fans

First from Pakistan

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Simple Minds Webring

Simple Minds Lightning - Video Collection

Video Section
Video Section
Video Section
This is Your Land
Video Section
Someone Somewhere
Video Section
See The Lights
Video Section
Upon A Catwalk

The only simple minds web site which offers videos in real player format.
Six exciting videos are waiting for your download.
Click on Pictures to go to Video Section.
Small file size and fast motion is guaranteed !


Simple Minds Lightning - Features

Latest Updates


8th Mar 2000
Some visual changes on this and
Video Section Page !

13th Feb 2000
New Video "Upon A Catwalk"
Added !

28th Jan 2000
New Video "See the Lights"
Added !

27th Jan 2000
Gallery Section Updated
With 13 New pictures !

26th Jan 2000
Band Section Updated

17th Jan 2000

New Video "Someone Some where"
Added !
Links Updated !

8th Jan 2000
Video Section Opened !

Visitors Comments


  • Candice Snyder
    U. S. of A.
    Whoa! Cool site! Definitely going under my Favorite Places!
    January 28, 2000

  • Pascal Spanier
    Great new site!! and congratulations from french fan! in my site "site of brilliant things" , Lightning is in links and multimedia links! normal with a wonderful work! see you soon
    January 9, 2000

  • DMviolator
    All my congratulations for your site It is very beautiful and succeeded
    October 28, 99
  • Cristina
    Bravo! Your site is very refined and romantic, very evocative, most of all the home page with the lightnings; very epic, it makes me think about Street Fighting Years. Shine On! Cris
    October 10, 99

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Satellite Skies website,
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Latest News

I am thanking Simon Cornwell Dream Giver for using his website material including album images and Lyrics except "Good News From The Next World"

Two recommended sites for latest news about Simple Minds.


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