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There are some informative and best sites available on the web.
I have selected the best sites, I have seen and evaluated.

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This site is my favorite Simple Minds site. It features News (Weekly Updated), Live Concert Archives, Band Info and many more..

This site is liked by every Simple Minds fan. It is well organized and informative. Its Style is looks very old. It features discography, Bootleg Info, links etc.

Simple Minds Official Web Site (Temporarily closed till new album release)
Great Shockwave Flash web site. Its unique look makes it very cool. It features Multimedia, Discography, History, Interview etc.

Simple Minds Rule
This site features Cool Wallpapers, Mp3 songs (Mono), information etc.

Lachi's Simple Minds Page
This site features English / Italian News, Discography, Biography, Links, Album Poll, Collection, Concerts Reviews, Meeting page


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Argus Music Searcher The Simple Minds page
This Site is a good Searcher for CD's, Videos, Links, and different items on the net.

Live In The Cities Of World
List of all of Simple Minds concerts from the beginning of their career.

The Simple Minds Files
A new Simple Minds site with songography, biography, profiles, discography, download, history, quotes, links section and more.

Simple Minds - The Real Life Pages
Concert tickets, information, voting booth, pictures, features + lots more on Simple Minds

Songs for the Tribes
A virtual library of unofficial live recordings from Simple Minds. All of the material is in mp3 format and covers the whole history of the band, from the early years up to the present. Check out the CD-R trading page also.

Our Secrets Are The Same

Satelite Skies
Good looking with great graphics. Mp3's, Real Audio files and many more.


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